Start your future today. Our Internship and Leadership Experiences provide you with a unique combination of diverse experiences and learning, meaning that you can get the career you want tomorrow. The unique culture at Mars grows the person as well as the professional, opening opportunities to explore many distinct careers across our global business.  Get an inside look into life at Mars on an Internship, Leadership Experience or direct entry role with our #MarsInsiders on social media.  Watch the video below to find out more and click here to meet all of our Insiders!
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We want to make sure we’re providing the support you need to achieve your long term career goals. By working together today, we can build a successful tomorrow.

General Leadership Experience

Our Mars Leadership Experience takes the best graduate talent of today and works with them to create a better future. The experience is designed for recent graduates who have aspirations for general management. During your time with us you’ll work across three diverse parts of the business, including a year in Sales or Marketing and a year in Supply Chain and Manufacturing.
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Functional Leadership Experiences

Our Mars Functional Leadership Experiences enables you to develop deep technical skills and leadership capabilities in one of five areas: Finance, R&D, Procurement, Engineering and Sales. You will work across these diverse parts of our business, to learn from each discipline and gain a rich understanding of each technical area.

Internship Experience

Our Internship Placements and Co-op’s provide meaningful real-world experience to students around the globe. These programs give you the chance to join either our world-class Mars Leadership Experiences or entry-level roles within the business. 
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Who you are

A wide variety of people come to work for Mars, but they share the same core attributes and a passion to drive for success and quality in everything they do. We’re looking for people who are well organized and able to build strong connections, as well as flexible enough to adapt to challenges and able to proactively manage their own development, including asking for help when needed. Our working culture embraces difference, so we welcome people who can bring new ideas to our business.

What you'll do

We want to open up opportunities for you to explore today, so that you can lead Mars in the future. There are many distinct careers as a leader across our different brands, disciplines and geographies. Our Leadership Experiences help you to work towards a brighter future through diverse experiences and continuous learning, with a personalized investment in you.

Our Associate stories

Our business is built by our talented Associates. Find out what they have to say about working for Mars.
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Jill Godbout How Mars Enables Early Talent To Solve Business Challenges From The Get-Go
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Hung Duc Tran A Recipe For Success: How Great Managers and Lots Of Training Opportunities Help You To Reach Your Potential At Mars​​​​​​​

A closer look at Mars

We have fun. We innovate. We explore and we work towards making our world a better place today and every day. Want to know more about our work, culture and people? Then follow us on Instagram  @careersatmars


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