Исследования и разработки

Все начинается здесь. Научно-исследовательский отдел ведет разработки и внедряет инновации. В его функции входит все от оценки профиля клиентов и определения их потребностей до разработки неизменно высококачественной продукции. Сотрудники нашего научно-исследовательского центра стоят на страже качества.

Opportunities within R&D

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General Quality Management
Our General Quality Management team defines the activities, process and standards to ensure we meet our high-quality requirements for the entire manufacturing process. Join us and your work will influence not just what we do but how we do it as well.
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Quality &
​​​​​​​Food Safety

From adopting new techniques that enhance food safety globally to responding to new challenges, this team makes sure we produce only the highest quality products that exceed the expectations of our customers. As a Quality & Food Safety Associate, your thoughts, ideas and experiments can have an impact way beyond the laboratory. 
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The Product Design team are custodians of our brand technical knowledge. Join our team and you’ll help bring our world famous products to life from first prototypes through to industrial production.
Our Packaging Design team are not just valued as innovators but as thought leaders as well. Join our team and you could design sustainable packaging that helps our products get instantly recognized by millions of people around the world.
This team plays a critical role in translating our process specifications to the production line and ensuring our products get delivered to the markets. As a Quality Engineering Associate, you’ll scale up final prototypes and help us function at the best possible level.
As a Laboratory Services Associate, you’ll assist scientists and engineers in the lab. From setting controlled research experiments to carefully coordinating lab projects, you’ll use your skills and know-how to add value and make the right decisions for the business.
Business Process & Capability 
Our Business Process & Capability Associates help us analyze and improve on existing R&D processes. Join our team and your work could increase productivity, reduce costs and identify gaps that allow us to create a better future for our people, customers and the planet.
Our Science Research team develops scientific hypotheses and experiments that influence where our business goes next. Join us and you’ll develop technological processes that help us make a positive impact on the world.
Scientific &
​​​​​​​Regulatory Affairs
From monitoring food regulations to managing research programs that focus on health, nutrition and sustainability. It all starts here. As a Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Associate, you’ll oversee the regulatory compliance of products loved by millions and also support our innovation and business goals.
Complete statistical analysis. Understand consumer needs. Use outside agencies and internal resources for testing. Join our team and you’ll design, execute and interpret sensory attributes and enjoy a rewarding career in return.
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