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At Mars UK we're passionate about nurturing an environment where people can share their voices. Where different ideas and perspectives are listened to, respected, and understood so that collectively we can act for change.  It's important to us that our Associates feel as though they can bring their true selves to work, every day.
 It's why we created 8 Associate Resource Groups (ARGs) in the UK alone, which you can find out more about below. We truly believe that when everyone has a voice and a platform, they will feel empowered to be their true self and reach their full potential. It creates a stronger business and a world-class workplace.
Ibtehal Fathy, Global Inclusion and Diversity Officer
“Sustained change requires sustained action. Action requires education, allyship, analysis of our processes and procedures and a commitment to deconstructing and adjusting our systems, where needed. And the time for action is now.”
Ibtehal Fathy, Global Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Our global Inclusion & Diversity Goals

While inclusion & diversity (I&D) has long been a business priority, we knew we could do better. So in 2020, we recognized the need to accelerate our commitment to I&D, both in our workplaces and communities.
We started by listening, asking our Associates and our leaders for their input. Then, we looked deeper, auditing our talent pipelines, policies and procedures, and our I&D strategy, which rests on four pillars:
  1. Ensuring all our leaders are visible and accountable champions of I&D
  2. Embracing a culture of belonging that values and harnesses the power of differences
  3. Harnessing diverse groups of Associates and leaders that represent the diversity of the Mars business
  4. And equipping our business with cohesive policies, processes, practices and training – including unconscious bias programs – that support our I&D aspirations

These pillars have led to three key goals that will help us to deliver our I&D ambitions:

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Gender Balance
We aspire to achieve gender balance across 100% of our leadership teams. 
Learn more about Full Potential, our platform for gender equity and our #HereToBeHeard global listening study.
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Workforce Representation
We believe our Leadership teams and Associates should reflect the race and ethnicities of the markets in which we operate.
Our ambition includes:
- Increasing racial minority representation among our management population in our Mars CPG businesses in the U.S. by 40%. We also promote expanded opportunities for all racial minorities across our total workforce.
- Strengthening our senior leader representation from Emerging Markets by 20%.

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We want to achieve an 80th percentile ranking as measured by the Mars Associate Survey (MAS), which also serves as our internal inclusion barometer by tracking Associate sentiment on this statement: ‘My company treasures diverse opinions and ideas.’

Mars at a glance

We're proud of the initiatives that are helping to change our world. Here's just a small selection:
Over 50 ARGs across the globe
These are vital for ensuring greater awareness, shared understanding, and collective action across the whole of Mars. And the network's getting bigger all the time.
We equip our Talent leaders with data to ensure fairness
Having the right discussions with our Associates, and the new people we attract to Mars, is incredibly important . That's why we empower our HR Associates (People & Organization) with exercises, trends and data so that conversations, interviews and internal reviews are non-biased and inclusive.
Our campaign to support working mothers helped to normalize conversations around maternal mental health. We also offer support with mental health, resilience, parenting, and relationships through our Associate Assistance Programe (AAP).
Women leaders
41% of Mars leaders are women and we’ve advanced the number of gender-balanced leadership teams from 43% to 50% over the past year.
We’ve expanded leadership development training for women across our regions and functions, based on our flagship “Women Leading Purposefully” course designed with Harvard University.
We’ve recently launched a pilot program, “Advancing Female Leaders,” and are placing a dedicated focus on functions that have underrepresentation of women, including Supply and IT.
We keep learning
To continue gaining expert insight and advice, we’ve recently expanded our partnerships with world-class non-profit Inclusion and Diversity organizations including Catalyst (Gender), Out & Equal (LGBTQ+), Stonewall (LGBTQ+), Tanenbaum (Religion), Disability:IN and Gender Fair.

Want to be part of something bigger?
We have +50 Associate Resource Groups across the globe!

Here's just a snapshot of the multiple topics our ARGs embrace:​​​​​​​
Race & Ethnicity
Celebrating unique backgrounds and experiences, individuals are empowered to bring their whole, authentic self to the workplace. The aim is to maximize the potential of each individual and, as a collective, build awareness across Mars.
Gender Equality
Offering learning and networking opportunities, we inspire and support women to pursue their personal and professional goals. Importantly, we aspire to achieve gender balance across 100% of our leadership team. Learn more about Full Potential, our platform for gender equity and our #HereToBeHeard global listening study.
Cross Cultural
By understanding and celebrating our differences, we can promote cultural diversity and nurture an environment that's aware, respectful and truly incisive.
Disability and Mental Health
We want our Associates to feel they can openly express personal challenges, share experiences and get the support they need to maximize their potential.
We want everyone to feel appreciated and accepted for who they are as individuals. This group was established to provide communities with a voice, support and every opportunity to enrich our business.
Military Veterans
Supporting veterans and military families, we celebrate the strength of our veterans, providing them with a welcoming environment and assisting them with their onboarding process.

Hear more from representatives of our Associate Resource Groups here:

A video of representatives and associates of the Mars Associates Resource Groups
A video of representatives and associates of the Mars Associates Resource Groups

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