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Your tomorrow starts today

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Why join Mars?

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​​​​​​​Quality begins with delivering our best to the people and pets we serve. It continues through all that we do.

​​​​​​​We take responsibility without being asked. We support the responsibilities of others.

A mutual benefit is a shared benefit. Shared benefits will endure.

Our resources are quite precious. Being efficent helps us accomplish more and waste less..


Freedom lets us shape our future. Performance allows us to remain free.
An image of 2 Mars Associates wearing protective hard hats and protective goggles, the associate on the left is wearing a lab coat tucked into their jeans with their hands on their hips and the associate on the right is wearing a navy fleece and a hi visibility vest with their arms crossed. The associates are standing side by side and smiling.

Women play a powerful role at Mars

We’re passionate about achieving gender equality and today, 42% of Associates in the Mars talent pipeline are women. There have been great strides to empower women at Mars, but there’s so much more that needs to be done to build a better future for women in business. By creating an inclusive environment today, female Associates can rise and reach their full potential. #WomenofMars

Experienced professionals

At Mars we’re looking for experienced candidates who push the limits of what’s possible and have the desire to develop and grow. We want a diverse group of people who have one thing in common – they can take what they’ve learned today and do even more tomorrow.​​​​​​​
An image of 2 Mars Associates dressed in white Mars uniform whilst wearing protective hard hats with hair nets underneath and protective goggles engaged in conversation and laughing.
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Students & graduates

Just graduated or still finishing up school? The future you want can start today. At Mars, we’re preparing the leaders of tomorrow and we want to equip you with all the tools you need to succeed. Because, today you’re a graduate, tomorrow you’re a leader.
Meet Natalie
"As lead for the Pride Europe Associate Resource Group, I work to create a culture where every Associate is valued for their individuality.  It's great to have a forum to build community for LGBTQ+ Associates, and to celebrate the value we bring to the organisation"​​​​​​​
LGBTQ+ Pride Europe Lead
Finance Business Delivery Services Director 

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​​​​​​​Meet Louis
“Mars' active support has enabled me to understand and embrace my own identity. Joining the LGBT+ Associate group is a great opportunity to help every Associate, so they can bring their true selves to work." Chair LGBT+ Group
Strategy & Capability Director
Meet Deborah
“I have lived in seven different countries which has provided me with the opportunity to learn new cultures as I developed my personal skills. At Mars, I focus on projects that inspire connections. This encourages empathy and a true understanding of individuals’ stories for an inclusive culture all-round.”  Global Community Builder

Our departments

As a Mars Associate, you’ll have the opportunity to transform your career. Discover the different functions you could join.
Support Services
Supply Chain & Engineering
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IT & Digital
Corporate Affairs
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